Nicole Barrette
What A Shot.jpg
Picking Daisies.jpg
11th Birthday Cake.jpg
Daddy And His Girl.jpg
Miss Happy.jpg
Don't Want No Hat.jpg
Feeding A Friend.jpg
Sitting In A Meadow.jpg
1st Birthday.jpg
A Budding Geekess.jpg
A Different Perspective.jpg
Snow Bunny.jpg
Asleep On Daddy.jpg
At 15 Months.jpg
After Her First Live Performance.jpg
At Botanical Beach.jpg
Her First Gardening Experience.jpg
On Grandma's Couch.jpg
Sand Octopus.jpg
Birthday Cake Face.jpg
Christmas At Laurie's.jpg
Christmas At The Halber's.jpg
Christmas Card Pose.jpg
Commonwealth Mascot.jpg
Cute Trio.jpg
Dems Nice Toes.jpg
July 1993 In Her Best Dress.jpg
Doesn't Really Look Too Comforatble.jpg
Easter At BCSC.jpg
Hard At Work.jpg
Her First Horseback Ride.jpg
Her Pal Jessica.jpg
Stopping To Smell The Flowers.jpg
Hiding Under The Bed.jpg
Nicole's Pet.jpg
Now That's Excited.jpg
On Uncle Mikes Head.jpg
Party Animal.jpg
Pony Express.jpg
Santa Leona.jpg
Sitting Pretty.jpg
Sled Dog.jpg
Spiked Hair And Chewable Toothpaste.jpg
The Extra Big Hat.jpg
The Floppy Hat.jpg
The Kid Sure Could Crack A Smile.jpg
The Red Balloon.jpg
The Straw Fight.jpg
This Is How It Is, Got It.jpg
This Is Not Her Usual Homework Face.jpg
This Kid Could Sleep Anywhere.jpg
Where She Goes When She Is Bad.jpg
Ski Bunny.jpg
At Two Years Old.jpg